Building an ICONIC life is about fueling the energy and life force that creates depth, wholeness and presence.  Designing that life means learning the Maps, Mindsets and Moves that form the foundation of what the elite performers from all domains know and practice.  

If you want to rise to ICONIC and live legendary you now can learn the research and more importantly the concrete things you can do in (re)shaping your life and moving from mediocre to mastery, from amateur to awesome. 

Are you ready to make the investment in yourself that literally could put you on an new path,  show you a new horizon, and point you in a direction where there is a deeper satisfaction and wholeness?


Here is what you can expect... 

  • Learn the formula used by elite athletes, artists, poets and scientists that moved them toward mastery!  Mastery might enable you to become 100% location independent and live anywhere you want anytime you want.
  • Learn the secrets of moving from R to P...the key move of all elite performers that marks the difference between struggle and success.
  • Get exactly the life you have been dreaming of by (re)designing your life at the micro or macro levels...make some adjustments or reinvent yourself.
  • Have clear action steps and daily protocols you can install for the changes you seek!
  • Banish self doubt and  build a bullet-proof mindset that YOU can do this!
  • Know how to set accomplishable goals, complete with timestamps, to see this new life fully embodied!
  • If you choose, have resources to fuel your next 6 months of reading!  And if you have already read them... email me directly I will source you further...my resourcing goes pretty deep.


7 Content rich videos (4 hours) complete with visual slides so you don't just hear me, you see content on your screen.  These videos introduce you to the three major areas that have to be carefully built if you are to live the ICONIC life. You can use them at your own pace and review them as you wish. The sheer amount of research distilled and made practical make these videos pure life-change gold.  


Book Recommendations

Throughout the videos there will be pauses to put you in touch with books that you may not be familiar with but that should be a part of your library.  One of the most important things we do at Wildly Better is to be a resource broker of the best and most current resources in human development, performance, habit formation and the quantum evolutionary multiverse that undergirds all of life.


Practices and PDF's

There is no way you can design an ICONIC life without the installation of practices that will move your life in a new direction.  We will give you concrete actions steps, within the videos and summarized in pdf's, that will help you build the new life you want. Are you ready to take your next steps?