What is your next developmental horizon?

That which you discover you will more deeply own than that which I declare.  That is the premise of all great coaching. 

What is currently arising in your life is exactly what you require at the this moment. 

When we feel in over our heads that is simply a cue our complexity of mind and competency in skill are mismatched for our circumstances.  

These situations are invitations into a new ways of seeing and being, new ways of self describing and new ways of showing up in the world. These are the gentle promptings to explore new inner terrain and expand your horizons.

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About Ron...

Dr. Ron Martoia is a transformational architect...or now what he is being called, the Wildly Better Coach! 

His passion is helping people, and the organisms they serve, design and experience revolutionary change. Over the last 15 years Ron has spoken to over 40,000 leaders in conference settings. 

His area of expertise is human development, mindfulness/awareness practice, and semiotics: understanding the new and shifting landscape of our 21st century world. Ron is using his cultural intonation to help organizations in both the profit and non-profit sectors shift paradigms from the old mechanical world to the highly relational and interactive world of the 21st century.

His doctorate is in the area of leadership and culture and has enabled him to speak in 15 countries and served as adjunct faculty in three academic institutions. He has worked extensively throughout South Africa since 2008 and lived in Cape Town in 2011. 

He is the author of numerous periodical articles and four books.  He has hosted online learning communities like the Transformational Trek Tribe and Spiritual Explorations Live.  The lastest project is the ecosystem you are in right now...Wildly Better!

Continuing Education after my doctoral work...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Presence and Theory U: Facilitating The Emerging Future - Otto Scharmer 2008

Master Integral Facilitator Training - Ten Directions Diane Hamilton 2013

Ingenius Creativity Course Stanford School of Entrepreneurship - Tina Seelig Professor Creativity and Innovation 2014

The Art of Developmental Coaching course - Rob McNamara, 2015

The Power of Embodied Transformation - Doug Silsbee, Richard Strozzi-Heckler 2016