Let me help you become Wildly Better®.

When I look at my work as a transformational architect over the last 3 decades I have helped people and their organizations install the patterns and practices, the rhythms and rituals, and the mindsets and moves to help them become Wildly Better. And, I have seen these efforts result in transformation and deep change, both in individuals and in organizations.

For some people that has been starting a business. For some it has been job transition; some have wanted to learn to slow down and experience life; others have wanted to improve their presence as a mom with their kids after a hectic day at the office. Some have wanted to improve their awareness as a school teacher; others have wanted to launch a non-profit in their second half of life because they were convinced their best contributions are ahead of them.

All of these people I have worked with have a few things in common. They had an inkling there was more and that they could be more… they had a hunch they could be Wildly Better! They wanted the support to embody the new life they were seeking. They wanted to install the protocols to make that kind of life a reality.

Are you ready to get started?

I look forward to meeting you in the Wildly Better Tribe!


My TedX Talk - A Potent Catalyst for Transformation


For those that want more details!

My first college job was working in a French restaurant where we had to learn wine and cooking before we could become servers.  I fell in love with cooking then and have never looked back.  One of my chief joys in life is cheffing parties for friends and spending time at my chef's table in the middle of my living space around which people can sit and drink something from the cellar and share life as I prep a meal!

I take fitness very seriously.  I tell my clients all the time if we are sloppy, undisciplined, unmotivated and embody poor patterns and practices then we will be uninspiring and hard examples to follow.  Mountain and road biking, slacklining, a commitment to daily walking along with a primally aligned eating pattern are very important to me.  It is one of the reasons I have completed Primal Blueprint Expert Certification and am a Primal Health Coach.  I have more and more clients experiencing health and fitness breakthroughs.  In fact, committing to fitness and a primally-aligned lifestyle is one of the focus areas selected by many Wildly Better clients.

World travel is one of the best patterns and practices to foster a beginners' mind and to help create openness and reset the brain circuits.  I have been in 26 countries and try to visit someplace new each year. Different cultures, cuisines, peoples, languages and art deeply re-mold and re-shape the way we think things should be.  Being born an American is an honor and privilege but I have seen some of most beautiful places in the world beyond these borders, lived for nearly a year in one of the world class cities of the world (Cape Town, South Africa) and have met some equally spectacular people in these other places.

Life long learning and voracious reading are deep commitments that fuel a couple of my core values. My creative style is that of an alchemist.  A bit of this, and some of that, stir and voilá something new emerges.  There is nothing new under the sun, but new configurations and combinations are certainly constantly emerging. Beyond being an alchemist I also want to “be an add.”  I really want to be that guy people emerge from an interaction with and feel they have been encouraged, elevated, and energized.  One of the keys ways that is accomplished is through being a ‘resource broker,” another foundational value for me.  Reading 10-15 books a month and more than that number of book reviews equips me to try and fulfill the old Greek adage — the right resource to the right person at the right place and the right time is a good and beautiful thing.  

As much as the exterior world is the world we live in, the interior world is where we create our perspectives, attitudes, intentions and outlook.  I am starting to believe that my 13 years of daily meditation practice has been possibly the single biggest game changer for me.  No wonder a google search with business and meditation in the same line now returns thousands of hits when just a few years ago it returned none.  

In my professional life, over the last 14 years I have addressed more than 30,000 people in conferences and retreats all over the world.  I have been coaching people and organizations, get "unstuck" and move toward a more solid grounding and a deeper presence out of which their “doing” emerges.

My areas of expertise are human development, mindfulness/awareness practice, organizational development and cultural trends and how to respond to them for greater effectiveness.

After nearly 30 years of experience I am convinced we are big on skill set formation but have left out, almost entirely, the development of self and being. In other words we develop people’s toolbox but not them, the tool user!

Whether it is for a staff retreat of 70 in the mountains of South Africa, a cable television call center, a financial Foundation in middle America, an executive mastermind group hosted in Mazatlan, or brainstorming dream sessions in the Caribbean, the shape and contexts of my coaching and training have been as diverse as the content discussed.

I have facilitated learning days, conferences and executive retreats on many topics like...

  • Emotional Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences
  • Personal Mastery
  • Ego Formation, Shadow and Integration
  • Creativity and Team Process
  • Presence and Theory U…Sensing the Not Yet Emergent Future
  • Creating Organizational Culture
  • Human Development
  • Mindmapping
  • Integral Theory
  • Cosmology and Contemplation
  • Organizational Redesign

I have served in over a dozen countries providing organizational leadership and consulting skills. My current work is throughout the US, and several other countries. My doctoral degree is in the area of leadership and culture.