See what others have to say about becoming Wildly Better with Ron!


Brian McLaren


"Ron Martoia is a sparkling, creative, brilliant thinker and a crisp,
extraordinary, engaging communicator. I have partnered with him and seen him in action.  Any time you can learn from him do!  You will be enriched for it!"


Tara Rezen

Event Producer

"I was doing life at a frantic pace, hoping to be a hero in my career and family life.  Yet I was anxious, exhausted, and felt ineffective in what I claimed were the most important areas of my life.  Something needed to shift.  Ron helped me change my rhythm!  His coaching style is direct yet deeply empathetic, challenging yet empowering…. In a word, transformative."


Kevin Lavery, MD


"Ron is one of those unique individuals who possesses not only only a great intellect, but great compassion.  He has the ability to see to the heart of an issue.   He is wildly enthusiastic about your journey and seems to take more delight in one's successes and triumphs than you do.  It is difficult to view oneself in the third person.  Ron helps you to see yourself from a different perspective and then to make decisions based upon that new knowledge.  He is non-threatening and always supportive and non-critical or judgmental.  I wish I had engaged Ron earlier in my life.   We all want to be better versions of ourselves, but we keep making the same choices based on our knowledge base.  Ron helped me to be the best version of myself I could be by helping me to live smarter.  Thanks Ron!"


Tanya Maycock

Licensed Massage Therapist and Photographer Nasssau, Bahamas

"Becoming Wildly Better has always been part of the conversation. The conversation may involve quantum physics or optimal health. Ron Martoia has been inviting readers and clients to contend with the status quo and to wrestle with deeply held forgone conclusions. Along the way, Ron has let us in on his own process because you cannot become Wildly Better inside of a vacuum."


Ted Baird 

Learning Facilitator to Fortune 100 Companies

"Ron Martoia brings the tools, coaching, and proven success to help you create the life you desire. He has helped me with mine!  Put an end to your life in the ‘status quo’ and begin to build a #WildlyBetter version of YOU!"

Sarah Cunningham

Author and Huffington Post Blogger -  

"Ron is a compelling lecturer and a walking library of information on personal growth. His sweet spot, though, is breaking down complex life challenges into small doable shifts. For anyone who wants to make some long needed positive changes, I wish for you the chance to get to know Ron in a one on one or small group coaching setting. It will very likely be your fast track to a fresh point of view."

Captain Clint Kemp

Blackfly Lodge, Abaco Bahamas

I first met Ron in the thin space of Orcas Island, since then life has taken us on a journey through many others,  Ron's life is about discovery and I know few people more open to the wonder of what awaits.