Leah Kenney

Certified Physician Assistant; Aesthetic Consultant; Educator

I didn't even know my life could be better... until it was wildly better. Since starting my work with Ron I am confident that every decision I make comes from a more thoughtful, more aware, more authentic place. As a mother, I am more present; as a clinician I am more focused; and as a spiritual, thoughtful being... well, I am only just scratching the surface of how much the universe has to offer now that I am open to actually becoming wildly better. I first connected to Ron and his message through one of his videos, never imagining I would have the chance to meet him in person, let alone begin a coaching relationship. I didn't know how badly I needed him until all of a sudden I had the strength to slow down and the ability to actually become more present. As a busy mother of 3 young children, with a thriving career as a PA and teacher in the medical field, the thought of directing energy and attention inward was foreign. Unfortunately the side effect of a go go go life was just that, it went. My children were growing up at lightening speed and although i was proud of the life I was providing for them, I wasn't necessarily enjoying it, or them, and with that came an immense amount of guilt. From the very beginning Ron helped me with 2 things; decisional strength and self care. My family has noticed, my friends have noticed, my colleagues have noticed, but most importantly, I have noticed. Life is fuller. Lemonade stands and puzzles are more enjoyable, business meetings more efficient, relationships, more authentic. Ron gives me tasks, assignments and accountability when I feel like i'm floundering, and time and space for growth when its all working. The best part? The availability. The honesty. The accountability. The fact that he seems to be able to connect the dots, when I can't. My coaching experience has been incredibly important for me and to me.


Dries Cronje

Trader and Trading Coach, Cape Town, South Africa (www.tradingprofitlab.com)

Ron has been a great friend and truly inspirational figure in my life since I met him in at a speaking event in Berlin and Wittenberg Germany in 2008. I had a long struggle with a nicotine addiction, and my gentle conversations with Ron completely resolved this addiction. Ron did some body work with me help me identify where I was feeling my cravings... Once I really felt these, made peace with them, and let them go, quitting smoking was a breeze. The remarkable part was I had struggled for over two years with absolutely no headway no matter what I tried and was feeling downright depressed with my inability to quit. Needless to say, six years later my life truly is wildly better! Those cravings have never returned! But Ron has also made my life wildly better in other areas as well. He is a walking source of wisdom, and he is always open to questions and help. He reads more than anyone else I know. He understands the difficulties surrounding the integration of religion and spirituality better than most, and he is always busy with progress... Ron’s whole life shouts progress and finding ways to improve yourself and your circumstances... and to be and live wildly better! I highly recommend any interaction with Ron Martoia. And as soon as he smiles and starts talking to you, you will know that my recommendation is sound.  And yes he is currently my coach!


Sal and Alissa Vasquez

Life Coach and Conversation Host

We met Ron at a time in our lives where 30 years of who we always knew ourselves to be were shaken to the core and we entered our first real "Liminal Space." Actually, Ron was the ONLY voice speaking to this experience at the time, and we truly believe it is because of his wisdom and outright enlightenment that we emerged from that time to become a more integrated human. Ron has an acumen, a gift, of taking your soul out of your crammed head space and breathing life into it. He's got a richness of knowledge that is pure water to a thirsty soul. I don't say this lightly, nor do I hire just anyone to be my coach, as I myself am a life coach. Ron gets to the heart of the matter at inexplicable speed and accuracy and I'm sometimes amazed that he could do all this and also be one of the most genuine dudes you would ever have the pleasure of knowing. For my wife and I, Ron has not only pioneered the way forward, he finds a way to reach back and take you with him, and if you're going, you better believe it's going to be wildly better!