What is QIC?  

Easy answer?  An integration of spirituality, science, and practice in the context of a evolutionary quantum world! 

         What is this equation?  Do you know?

         What is this equation?  Do you know?

QIC will be a conversation informed by the dialogue between the discoveries in our quantum world and a deeper integral spirituality. Our own personal evolution through deeper thinking, generous and curious dialogue as well as personal practices is our primary goal. The potential impact on the various communities and lineages from which we come is a hoped for outcome as well.


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The last 100 years has revealed that we live in a deeply interconnected world.  This is not just an intuition, vibe or gut feel.  We actually have science showing us our world has emerged from a deep intention and is evolving toward a greater complexity and simultaneously elegant unity.  Science says we live in an evolutionary quantum world. What is interesting, though, is how little this is understood or even known by the average person.  The same could be said of the shifting spiritual landscape informed by these dramatic new understandings of our world.  Conversation within QIC means connecting to the deepest source of evolution within us and around us.  It means experiencing the deep connection to each other.  It means connecting to the deep life force flowing within us and the quantum field in which we live and move and have our being, that together co-create our new “becoming.”

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The Wildly Better Quantum Integral Community will have learning pods all over the world, they will be either "in real life" (IRL) learning communities, or virtual communities that meet online on some virtual platform.  Whichever version, at Wildly Better we will source these groups each month with evolutionary quantum spirituality reading, videos, questions, art and meditation/awareness practices. All of these will be facilitated by the local or virtual learning pod facilitator. We feel like the time is right for communities all over the world to share a common learning thread around the quantum spiritual world we live in. We hope these will launch soon with pod facilitators identified in several countries already. 

We are in the process of launching the first QIC pilot!  It is our goal to see how this evolves as we head toward a launch next year with anyone who might be interested.  So stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to Wildlybetter.com for updates to this new initiative!