A Wildly Better life is absolutely available to anyone. But these three zones must become your passion!


Coach & Consultant

For three decades I have been the transformational architect for thousands of people and their organizations, increasing their performance as well as helping them expand their developmental awareness horizon. Is it your turn to become so good they can't ignore you? Ready to move from mediocre to mastery?


 Habit Excellence

Your days are your life in miniature, embedded habits become your embodied life! Are you ready to learn how to dial in your daily rhythms, ritual patterns and practices? And move from autopilot to awakened? A whole new world of high performance and flow awaits you!

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Health Essence

What is the essence of health? I take seriously that health is an incredible gift, and yet a full 2/3 of our world is unhealthy largely through choice! That is why I am a certified primal health coach! If you have not aligned your eating, fitness, sleep and stress strategies, a sub optimum life is your lot.  Ready to take charge?


Heart Energy

Your heart throws a 3-7 foot energy field outside your body! Spirit/Energy is the heart of existence. We want to foster dialogue and practice around our quantum evolutionary world, and to help focus our intention and attention around greater wholeness, collaboration and coherence. Will you dive in and be part of the conversation?

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I have designed my life around this one thing
- my calling, my passion -
helping you become more whole and
Wildly Better.
— Ron Martoia, Creator of Wildly Better
Ron Martoia has developed a unique way of guiding you through the process of contemplation, adding value to your life and how you live it... Ron will move you towards a wildly better life.”
— Nicol van Dyk, Physical therapist and Clinical researcher
Ron is a new kind of guide for a new kind of life. Don’t settle for a mere existence when you can follow a proven plan to create your own #WildlyBetter life!
— Ted Baird, Learning Facilitator to Fortune 100 Companies
Ron has an insatiable curiosity for things that matter...I know him to be one who lives in a perpetual state of upgrade. He truly embodies a wildly better life.
— Edgar Cabello, Executive Director, The Oaks Retreat and Conference Center
“Ron has been an incredibly helpful coach. I began formally working with him on Primal Life 9 months ago and lost over 50 lbs. and am stronger and healthier than ever for my 64 years!
— Bill Crosby, Capital Campaign Consultant