Meditation and Breath... a way Forward

Meditation and Breath...    a way Forward

I have been doing a lot of seminar work lately;  much of it around human development and how the “self” is formed.  Simply and briefly stated our self understanding is a narrative compiled from layers of parental, sibling, playground friend, teacher, coach, professor, employer etc….stories we have picked up. We hear all sorts of stories/comments/observations from these narrative weavers but we choose certain stories to delete, others to hide from, others to replay and that creates the playlist of what gets put into the ipod-of-our-mind that is on an incessant repeat loop.

Jump the Rut!

Jump the Rut!

The truth is most of us have settled for mediocre.
We are content with average.
Unremarkable is fine.
Ho-Hum our soup du jour.
I was reminded this week working with a leader and his team that rhythms become routines and if we are not careful routines become ruts.