Mastering Installation


In the last decade I have had nearly 100 different coaching clients.  Some of them are working on solid developmental issues over a year or two, others simply working on transition in life issues that might span a few months. Whether they are eye surgeons or school superintendents, C-Suite executives or non-profits leaders, the fundamental issues are often similar: how do we focus our energy to create the change we want to experience?

Tweet: Diffuse energy might be one of the single greatest deterrents to accomplishment!

Diffuse energy might be one of the single greatest deterrents to accomplishment! 

There are two key steps we need to execute if we want to become Wildly Better dent-makers with how we show up in life and what we want to accomplish in life...


  1. We have to consolidate our disposable time into blocks.

People tell me all the time, “You don’t know my life Ron, I just don’t have any time…”  My response is always the same.  “Let’s do a motion study then.  For the next 7 days I want you to keep a log of everything you do in 30 minute increments.  That way we can see where your time is actually going.” 

Well you can imagine the responses I get.  Because the truth is we all have more than enough time, the question is will we focus it or allow it to diffuse?


2. We need to use those blocks to install impact routines.

The key to impact is focused energy that moves your goals forward.  Installing key routines is the whole enchilada!

From intention and attention exercises that align you with the quantum field, to activation on world-class best practice patterns, installing key impact routines with your disposable time is critical to goal realization.

If you want to run a marathon or complete a triathlon and have never been a runner, swimmer or biker, then it will take installing impact routines that build muscle memory and endurance that will enable you to do through training what you could not possibly do through simple trying.

If you want to learn to invest in the stock market and know nothing about trading and investment, you will have to consolidate your time and allocate it to the type of learnings and practices that create routines leading to success.

Whether you are trying to change your diet or weight, learn a new language or speed reading, become an artist or master chef you will have to consolidate your time into usable blocks and employ that time for the installation of best practice routines that bring impact and real change.

WB Inner-Action

1. What about taking some time today to see and review your week.  If you were honest with how you are spending your time, where can you batch tasks into blocks and then use the freed up time for what I call "future-think."  Future-think blocks enable you to think about what things you really need to do to move the ball down the field, to accomplish some specific goals, to really do some self-care.  Take some time to batch your future-think blocks.

2. From those future-think blocks...what are you trying to accomplish and what repeated routines will get you there?  The shape of your life today has been formed through the repetition of micro movements over time that created this life.  What is the new shaped life you want and what routines will you install starting this week?

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