Hopeful or Helpless


You are in a constant state of evolving!  "Becoming, is another way of saying it; the universe is alive, creation is alive, and you are alive.  

Becoming is the idea that who you were a year or ten ago is not the same “you” today.

Another way of saying it is…everything is in a state of constant creative movement or becoming. Aliveness has at its foundation the idea of becoming and evolving.

You might have noticed we call Wildly Better an ecosystem.  That is all part of this becoming, evolving idea. An ecosystem is alive, different today than yesterday, it is evolving toward something.

When it comes to evolving and becoming something more...we all are! But how we all respond to the idea of becoming something more can be marked on a continuum. You are somewhere on the line.  I am somewhere on the line.  Here is the line.

At one end...

Group 1: You are hopeful and pursuing happiness!

You are stoked to grow, succeed, achieve more, and create an even better life than the one you have right now.  You want to dig in do whatever necessary to take things to the next level and you are ready to do it however whenever!

at the other...

Group 2: You feel helpless and more like you are surviving than soaring.

You want to lose the weight, you want to design a new kind of life, you want to be a better version of you, you want to believe you can live rockstar life....BUT....you have tried so many things before, you deep down doubt you deserve this (this is for him or her NOT me) and have a secret hopelessness this attempt will turn out like every other failed attempt has.

Instead of excited you are exasperated, instead of inspired you are deflated, instead of stoked you are stuck.

This is why Wildly Better is so important.

 The impulse to become something more is literally built into us at the cellular level. When we get out of that lane, get out of whack, out of sync and in the weeds?  Nothing feels right. We really do long to be a better version of ourselves.  We want a better life, one more full of joy and gratitude, of success and goals reached, a life where we act instead of being acted upon, a life we author and co-create!

The impulse to become something more.  

It is at the heart of Wildly Better.  It is the foundation of our life development courses and the foundational master class ICONIC Life. It is at the heart of Primal Life, learning to live, eat, move, sleep and de-stress in ways that are aligned with our evolutionary history and gene expression.  It is at the heart of learning pod communities where the themes of evolutionary spirituality, our quantum world and an integral life will be embodied and experienced.  

An ecosystem is alive, dynamic and always changing, but what keeps it moving is the evolutionary impulse to become something more and that animates the very spirit of Wildly Better.  

I am glad you are here.