The Pull of Mastery

The push of pain in the present or the pull of a preferable tomorrow; those are the 2 poles of motivation.  

If masterpiece lives require mastering pieces to build that life then we have to decide whether will we act or be acted upon!

The mediocre are acted upon and stay in the rut.  

Those moving toward mastery are pulled out of the rut by a more compelling tomorrow.

You have to decide mediocre or mastery?  

It really does start right here.  At some point in time I.M. Pei decided he wanted to be an architect…and he began mastering pieces of the architects craft and toolbox.  He had a vision of contribution and a future he wanted to co-create with the opportunities that would emerge.  

What are you deciding today? What is out there pulling you forward?  

  1. The fittest you have ever been?  
  2. Mastering speed-reading so you can finally read all the books you want?  
  3. Finally taking that painting or welding class to start on the dream you have always had?
  4. Altering your morning routine and getting up early because you know and have read that world class players have morning rituals and routines that shape their days and therefore their lives? 

What are you deciding today?  You have to decide.  You can’t keep thinking about it.  You have to at some point stop saying to yourself “I need to decide how I want to shape my life” and instead create the clear picture AND altered schedule to start actually shaping it.

You will never have time for greatness unless you make time for greatness.  

You have to decide mediocre or mastery?  

You will never show up differently in life unless you make time to shape the life you want.

You have to decide mediocre or mastery?  

You will never move toward mastery in any area, let alone a life lived at iconic, unless you alter your habits pattern, practices, schedules and life to accommodate a new way of being.

You have to decide mediocre or mastery?  

Fanatical attention to detail, heaped up over days, shapes a life any way you want to.  

If you constantly have excuses as to why it can’t happen (whatever it is) remember those are simply lies that your fears have sold you.  

Let’s slay the fear dragon and lets start doing the right things and doing them right now.  

Your tomorrow is too important to play small with your life.  

The world will be impoverished without your masterpiece contribution.  

You have to make a decision and take the steps…not tomorrow…now. 

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