I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of business owners on personal optimization.  They were all there because they recognized whatever success they had experienced, without their continual improvement, tweaking, and tinkering ascent would plateau and soon after that be descending.

People building masterpiece lives know that continual tweaking and adjustment are more important than morning coffee. 

It doesn’t matter what you want to build, what the masterpiece is you are constructing, or in what domain it is found...

Masterpieces require mastering pieces….

that is right... this one phrase summarizes the core contribution I hope Wildly Better can make to your life.  

If you want to move from mediocre to mastery, if you want to build a masterpiece life, if you have every intention of living a life of legendary so you can leave behind a distinguishing dent, then to build that masterpiece you have to master pieces.

Masterpieces require mastering pieces.

Let’s break this down.

A masterpiece when seen for the first time is usually breathtaking.  Architecture of the Guggenheim Bilbao, the painting of a Picasso, the inventions and sketches of a DaVinci, the sculptures and painting of a Michelangelo:  they all take you by surprise, take your breath away, and inspire something in you that wants to express yourself more deeply and to become a better version of you! My latest breath snatch was when I saw I.M. Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.   I have long been a fan of his, but I must say this was unbelievable.  The sheer open space volume, the symmetry meeting slight asymmetry, the curvilinear meets linear.  So inspiring was that space I went back a second day walked around and just had goosebumps for a few hours.

Pei is a masterpiece maker.  But masterpieces require mastering pieces and Pei had to start somewhere.  And it wasn’t with the Dallas Symphony Hall (another one of his very cool spaces); he had to learn the building blocks of architectural design, drawing, the tools of his trade, then hours and hours and hours and months and years of practice to finally produce epic spaces. 

He had to master pieces of his craft!

Without mastering pieces there would be no masterpieces.  

I have read lots about DaVinci; he was an obsessive question asker (his inventing prowess is to be credited to this obsession) and sketcher (his unparalleled ability to sketch the human form is to be credited with this habit.)  He would sketch people at parties to capture human anatomy at different angles and different settings. 

He was mastering the pieces so he could create masterpieces.  

I want to welcome you to Wildly Better where we will help you master the pieces so you can be more able to build your masterpiece life.

We know that no matter where you are in life right now.  No matter what “hand you have been dealt,” no matter what your skills current are, that you can learn to master pieces.