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What if you could change your world?  Change your abilities as a parent, a boss, a life partner, an employee, an athlete, a cook, anything?  What if you could become better, Wildly Better, at anything you choose? What if you could learn to change your happiness quotient?

At the bottom of it all is a desire to be happy, have a fuller sense of joy, awe, even wonder about each day.  Do you know what the current research out of University of California tells us about happiness?  Only 10% of it is based on circumstances!  ONLY 10%!

Conclusion? You might not be able to control circumstance but you don't need to because the other 90% is what YOU do have control over.  That is where Wildly Better comes in!

Can you envision a world where you don't have to live by the mental rules you have inherited, where anything is possible, and where your destiny is yours to design?

So can we!  If your dreams are still out there, if your unrealized future still looks bright; if you are no longer willing to settle for mediocre, then welcome to Wildly Better. You are at the perfect place at the perfect time.

You are diving into the Wildly Better® ecosystem because you are in charge of your own life and the CEO of your destiny.  Well done because it is true!

By joining the Wildly Better tribe, you are going to receive knowledge, inspiration, tools and tips that you can use to get out of the rut you are in and onto the Wildly Better track.

I want to share with you a few things that I hope will help you change your game and add value as you are building your foundation for this next run we are calling Wildly Better.  In the midst of sharing those I want to help you get the full picture of all that Wildly Better is about!

These are some of the books and principles I have built my life on.  

Those of you that have followed me at all know I read a lot, a couple hundred books a year and more than that in book reviews. I want to share with you the most significant volumes you need in your master library that make it to my top few of all time list. (Your master library is the top 50-100 books that if you had to go into exile on a desert island you would want with you forever.)

1. Life Long Learning moves the needle!

I can't think of any other principle that has been more important to my life trajectory.

I had a mentor/coach early in my life who made it very clear that leaders are readers and leaders are learners.

And here is the thing.  There are more ways to learn today than ever. Not just books and e.books but podcasts, web articles, webcasts, audio books.....  There is simply no reason not to make life long learning a keystone  habit and commitment!  A Wildly Better life is built on the premise that you can learn to learn and expand your repertoire and the current "you!"

You can't control your boss, your employment, the stock market or economic climate of your business.  What is 100% in your control is your learning and ability to redesign, remake, reshape and retool YOU!

You have full control of whether or not you are showing up as the best version of you possible!

I was in a recent group coaching session where we were told if you want to double your income triple your learning.  Life Long Learning is an inescapable "must" if you want to become Wildly Better.

One author that has impacted my journey and life maybe more than any other one is Joe Jaworski.  I have returned to his book Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (paperback here kindle version here) over and over again.  I first read the book nearly 20 years ago and it is still THAT good.  His follow up to that book 13 years later Source is an equal game changer.  These are two books worth having in your master library, make them your next two purchases! 

2. Realize habits got you here, and new ones will get you there

Can I make suggestion?  Fight the urge to be overwhelmed; we aren't here to microwave change.  Slow. steady and definite are just fine!

You have behaved yourself into this space, location, body, habits, vocation and outlook. And that has taken time, probably a good long time. That is the good and the bad news. Bad news is no one can be blamed, good news is you are in charge.  So be patient with yourself, accept your current location.  And know I want to equip you with the new habits, patterns, practices and rhythms that will help you on the path to Wildly Better. 

While there are lots and lots of books on habits, there is one that brings together the best most recent research on how habits work and are formed. Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit (kindle here - paperback here) is a treasure trove worth the purchase.

3. The Inner and the Outer hang together.

I have learned over the years you have to take seriously how you narrate your life;  the attitudes you host and the negativity you harbor.  I want to help make that connection for you and to help tool you with a new and ever expanding awareness that helps you see what you hadn't seen before.  

"Mindset" is one of the most interesting fields of research going on in our world today.  My real ah-ah in recent years came when I realized on a solo retreat in the mountains of South Africa several years ago, that I had gotten slack about my visualization, goal setting and rigorous attention to focus in my day to day life. I share more about recapturing that in our foundational master class called The ICONIC Life. There I will discuss the tools discussed by several brand new books that truly are game changers. 

I will tell you though mindset is where it all begins! 

Wildly Better as an ecosystem is essentially about several pieces that can stand alone but are designed to help you "put it all together" for your journey!

What are the interlocking life-giving pieces in the ecosystem that are going to take you to a whole new level of mastery, mindset and a new wholeness like you have never experienced?

There are three basic areas I am passionate about sharing with you..

1. Personal Performance and Development  

Human doing flows from human being.  We are equally concerned with both.  Our world is intoxicated with the cult of genius but what we know without a doubt is "world-class,” and elite performance isn’t bestowed by the gods. It isn’t about genius, it isn’t about genetics…it is actually about well tested strategies consistently applied.  From Michelangelo to Da Vinci from Roger Federer to Lionel Messi, it is not about genius but about grit.  

We love the cult and hypnosis of genius because it enables us to opt out of the conversation and say we simply don’t have the requisite gifts.  We see the end result of their hard work.  We see them in the glory stage performing at the highest level of their lives.  But they weren’t born that way! We don’t see the endless hours spent practicing, being coached, learning the technical details and the hours of training to make it all come together.  That is the invisible part of “genius” that makes it not so genius after all! 

The only difference between those at mediocre and those at mastery is those at mastery are willing to do those things that those at mediocre are simply unwilling to do!

The good news is we can learn about HOW they did this. I have done a lot of the homework and read a lot of the sources and research.  I am distilling it all and passing it on to you so you can spend your time creating the new patterns and practices that will really reshape and redesign your life!

I’ll help you with the “genius” side you will need to provide the grit! 

2. Living Awesome, Living the Primal Life

A full 2/3 of the US population is overweight, 1/3 obese.  In 1900 the average person consumed 4 lbs. of sugar a year, today it is 150-160 lbs.  What is going on?  The disease, medical problems and sheer quality of life just from those two statistics should be more than alarming.  

Part of the Wildly Better ecosystem is helping you get your eating, fitness, stress and sleep patterns aligned with the life that soars.  Most people allow the push of pain to be the motivator of change. "If Big Tim doesn’t getting his weight under control he is going to have a heart attack." His doctor has told him, his wife has nagged, and deep down he knows it.  But does he change?  Rarely! But once the heart attack hits, well then he realizes he has to get this thing figured out or die!  This is the push of pain.

The pull of a preferred tomorrow is so much better.  What about looking in the mirror naked and loving what you see? What about not being embarrassed to be in a bathing suit?  What about not being on any medications till the day you die because you have taken care of your eating patterns and gut biome?  Why not have more energy, less stress, better sleep patterns and feel sharp and creative?  

Believe it or not 80% of your current body composition is due to food you eat not the gym visit you missed.  I talk to overweight and obese people every day in my coaching practice. The most common response people give to their current condition is “no time for the gym.”

The truth is we will not start you with heading to the gym…the real workout is what goes (or not) into your mouth!

A primally aligned life, complete with eating, fitness plans as well as managing sleep and stress patterns is the primary way to move to Wildly Better heights of wholeness and wellbeing.  

If you want to be better, feel better, look better and think better then you have to move these areas from mediocre to mastery as well!

We are committed to giving you all the help we can in this area, it is one reason why I became Primal Blueprint Expert Certified and am now a Primal Health Coach!

3. Quantum Integral Community

What is QIC?  

Easy answer?  A mash-up of spirituality and science, science in the context of a evolutionary quantum world!

The last 100 years has uncovered we live in a deeply interconnected world.  This is not just an intuition, vibe or gut feel.  We actually have science showing us our world has emerged from a deep intention and is evolving toward a greater complexity and simultaneously elegant unity. This is not a religious observation from Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism.  Science says we live in an evolutionary quantum world. What is interesting though is how little this is understood or even known by the average person.  The same could be said of the shifting spiritual landscape informed by these dramatic new understandings of our world.  

Becoming Wildly Better means connecting to the deepest source of evolving within us and around us.  It means experiencing the deep connection to each other.  It means connecting to the deep life force flowing within us and the quantum field in which we live and move that together co-create our new "becoming." 

The Wildly Better Quantum Integral Community will have learning pods all over the world, they will be either "in real life" (IRL) learning communities, or virtual communities that meet online on some virtual platform.  Whichever version, at Wildly Better we will source these groups each month with evolutionary quantum spirituality reading, videos, questions, art and meditation/awareness practices. All of these will be facilitated by the local or virtual learning pod facilitator. We feel like the time is right for communities all over the world to share a common learning thread around the quantum spiritual world we live in. These are will launch soon with pod facilitators identified in several countries already. 

As you can tell, living a Wildly Better life is my passion and I want to share it with others, like you.  The richness and satisfaction of a Wildly Better life is contagious, and in joining the Wildly Better tribe you will be joining other people who have decided that mediocre is not for them.  They have committed to pursuing personal mastery in their lives and doing so with others sharing the same goal.

Welcome to a new path, a new way of being, a Wildly Better journey into your future.


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